Our New Comedy Sketch Show tips a nod to the all time classics, Round the Horn, Hancocks Half Hour, Steptoe and Son, The Goon Show and Movies by Mel Brooks.

Doc Strange and the Dude delve deep into the World psyche. We cover the topical, factual and inescapable truths about the day today.

With our take on World Events, mainly Anti Brexit and Anti Tory, if anything positive comes from either, we will let you know. So far, nothing. The Tory government is bent as a nine pound note.

May 17, 2021

The HOLE Episode - Strange Mole Show with Doc Strange and the Dude.

Welcome to the 6th Episode of The Strange Mole Show

"The HOLE Episode"

Yes, we realise there seems to be a Capital "W" missing,

but that's Boris Johnson for you, either Hiding in a Fridge, Leaving the Border Wide Open or Letting the Bodies Pile High.


Enjoy the Show and if we make you Titter at least Once, please Share for us. We really appreciate it. Just pretend we are a video of a Cute Kitten or Your Previous Meal. Thanks Gorgeous.


Oh and for the first time, Enjoy the Bloopers!        @StrangeMoleShow

Written by Holy Mole, thankfully, you want to read the weird crap Doc comes up with.

Performed by Holy Mole, Chris Doc Strange and Chrissie Grech

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